I created this blog on a whim in Janurary 2011.  I was talking about cooking and baking with a friend and suddenly I thought to myself, I should create a food blog! Did I know anything food blogging then? No. Did I know how to take pictures of food? No. Did I know how to interview people for this blog? No.  Alrighty then, it's all the more reason so learn how to do all of that. So that's exactly what I did last year.  I made it my 2011 New Year's resolution.  Since then I've had a lot of fun and have learned a lot.

My vision for this blog is to :

1) Make this an open and fun space for everyone (gay and straight) to share recipes (if they want). Because I'm a novice, my recipes, or the ones I will try and post on this blog will tend to be inexpensive and uncomplicated. You can use these recipes to bake or cook for yourself, make something to impress your femme without breaking your wallet, and hopefully without spending hours in the kitchen. I'm all for easy (we're talking food, not women) and an inexpensive way to do things. As I get braver I'll explore more difficult recipes.

2) Share photographs centered around life, art, and food. I love the idea of posting artistic and interesting photos of food in juxtaposition with objects, people, places, etc.

3) Have fun. 

Baking and cooking doesn't have to be a daunting endeavor. It can be fun, sexy, and deliciously rewarding.I'd love to have you share your recipes and tasteful photos as I continue to build the blog.

Now a little about me.  I have several passions; music, art, photography, writing, and am curious about everything.  Right now I'm really into photography and painting. 

Thanks for stopping by!