Monday, January 3, 2011

A Work in Progress...First "Real" Post

Pin-up art on the refrigerator.
This is the maiden post and I was a bit at a loss as to what to write about.  Before I continue  let me just say that the look of this blog will change from day to day as I build it. It's still under construction and may look a little funky so check back often to see how I'm doing.  I'm also open to suggestions.

I normally write fiction and this is my first foray into the baking and cooking world.  For 2011, I wanted to start the new year doing and writing something different.  Baking, in particular, is hobby that I've always had a passion for, I just didn't do much of it last year.  Everyone makes New Years resolutions and you're now looking at visual evidence of mine; BAKING, COOKING and BLOGGING.  During the holidays when I blew the dust and cobwebs off the cookie trays and started baking again, I knew I wanted to do more.  I forgot how much I loved it.  When the whole house smells of the sweet spice of gingerbread, sugar, and chocolate chip cookies, man oh man, you just can't beat it.  So I'm hooked again and now super baker lesbian butch (and pretend Chef) on the loose!

My kitchen is best described as minimalist and not folksie with knicknacks everywhere.  I can't write or bake with stuff all over; it's too distracting. I'm not anal (maybe I am?) but I like my baking workspace to be clutter free because eventually I will make one hell of a mess.  That's the fun part of baking and cooking though, getting stuff everywhere and on yourself.  It's almost like being a kid again.

As I start adding posts to this blog, you'll notice that I don't take much too seriously.  Recipes are one thing but everything else is fair game. My sense of humor is a little out there and I hope you'll find it amusing.

Also, I'm totally into retro pin-up girl art so expect to see a lot of it interspersed throughout the blog.

This Christmas we got some cool stuff like the hand towels below.
Explain To Me Again Why I Need A Man.

You say I'm a BITCH like it's a BAD thing.
These crack me up.

With that all said, I think the first recipe I post will be for a super simple cherry cobbler.  It's so damned easy and good.

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