Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lesbian Lifestyle Editor's Blog Pick

Giant cupcake that I baked all ready to be
frosted. Such chocolaty goodness!
I'm tickled that my humble little blog is this month's editor's pick on The Lesbian Lifestyle website! 

This makes me feel pretty good considering that I just launched the blog in January, it's a labor of love, and that others might enjoy reading it. 

As I continue to bake, cook, research, write, and tweet, I'm finding that it's also a lot of work but at the same time, so much fun.  I love poring over cookbooks, scouring the internet for cool recipes, ogling beautiful food blogs, and connecting with people.  I also love that it brings family and friends together too. Last week our kitchen was full of people as Cindy cooked the Shrimp Sambuca.  The good natured cajoling, laughing, photographing, and working together on the meal (plus baking) made the kitchen an emotionally warm and inviting place to be. It was wonderful and I am looking forward to sharing many more meals with friends, family and you, my dear reader (Hope that doesn't sound too cheesy...I'm just feeling warm and fuzzy right now).

I'm also discovering that I really enjoy photography too.  Right now I have a simple point and shoot digital camera and the one on my smartphone but sometime soon I'd love to get a Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP (18 Mega Pixels!). This puppy is about $849...a bit pricey for a "new" hobby according to a certain unnamed friend who I won't tattle on....especially when that conversation lead to shared confessions of covert shopping sprees.  That's a whole different topic though...I'm not about to confess to how many times I've bought stuff and stashed it away in the closet then later took out "said purchase" when the coast was clear!  

Anyway, while Dan was everywhere in the kitchen taking photos with his fancy D-SLR camera I found myself feeling quite inadequate with my measly smartphone camera.  It just seems like the possibilities are endless with a much fancier one like the Canon.  I'm going to start stashing away funds for the purchase of one of those babies!  I WILL have one I tell ya! I WILL!

One more thing that I thought I should mention; I'm going to really try to put some healthy recipes and information on the blog.  Just like so many, one of my New Year's resolutions is to lose weight and eat healthier.  So if you've got some tasty and healthy recipes, please do share!


  1. hello there,
    i found your site via website. I love how you are so thorough with the pictures and explanations.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much! I'm a visual kind of person and like to see images of "how to" do things. I'm glad you liked the photos & commentary too :-) I hope you'll stop by again soon!

  3. Nice! Now will you please share the recipe for that ginormous cupcake?!?

  4. I'd share the recipe if there was something to share lol. I bought the cake pan for the giant cupcake and was in a hurry to experiment with it so I called on ole' reliable Betty Crocker to help a girl out. I should be the one asking for a chocolate cake recipe! I've never made one from scratch! By the way, I was just thinking...a giant red velvet cupcake would look awesome.

  5. I have that same Canon Rebel & you would NOT regret the money spent. I had to buy an external hard drive simply to house the thousands of hours of photographing every moment of life with it. I'm quite compulsive. lol I'll link you to my photostream when I get it posted. :)

    Also, the Lesbian Lifestyle link doesn't work. Just fyi.