Saturday, June 7, 2014

Singh Farmer's Market

Okay,  I've been really lazy.  I haven't baked much or cooked either but this post will be about food though.  Sometimes photographs are just as fun as recipes right?

 Today I got up at 5:00am on a Saturday to go out and take some photographs at a desert botanical garden with a friend.  Afterwards she suggested that we go to a local farmer's market called Singh Farm in Scottsdale, AZ.  She told me that it was a little hideaway.  I envisioned a few tent stands with fresh produce and people milling around.

When we got there, I couldn't see anything because there were so many trees hiding the place.  Make no mistake there was something wonderful going on behind those trees because there were cars parked everywhere on the side of the road.  A woman jumped out of her car and zoomed past us in a sprint to get to the market.    I chuckled and turned to my partner, "Damn, what's the rush?"

We walked into big parking lot and beyond that was a lush green oasis of trees, picnic tables, and stands with every kind of food and vegetable.  The whole market was covered by a big canopy of beautiful shade trees.  People were everywhere eating at tables and in line to buy fresh pastries, roasted corn, and you name it.  They had everything!

There was a little wooden building in the middle of all of this that was buzzing with people so we went to check it out and found freshly baked loaves of all kinds of breads and fresh vegetables.  On window sill they had fresh honey for sale.  I couldn't resist taking a photograph because it was just so beautiful here and I loved how they presented their food!

We ended up buying some tomatoes and oh my gosh, can I tell you, they were DELICIOUS!  It's not often that we buy homegrown tomatoes because it's just so convenient to get them at the grocery store.  After biting into these babies, we have definitely changed our mind and will make the trip back to buy some more.

They even had fresh flowers that you could purchase in quant glass jars.  People were snatching them up like crazy.  How could you blame them?  They were so pretty!

We ended up buying a huge watermelon, some tomatoes, and some loaves of breads.  After lugging around the watermelon I sat at a picnic table while my partner and friend went to go look around.  The lady I sat next to had a beautiful bouquet of flowers so I asked her if I could take a picture of them.   She obliged and after introducing ourselves to each other we spent the next few minutes chatting about how lucky we were to have found this place and how pretty it was.

So, the moral of this story for me (and you) is to not be lazy, get out and explore, take pictures of fresh food and make new friends.

Have a great day!!

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